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Estate Planning Resolutions

We begin the new year with an abundance of hope and possibilities. To start the year, many of us turn to the tradition of setting New Year’s Resolutions. Motivated by a fresh start, we create goals for the year ahead. However, about fifty seven percent of people either forget about or give up on their resolutions by February, and only nine percent of people fulfill their goals [1]. Let’s work together to beat these odds.

Resolutions, or any other type of goal, can be better achieved by approaching them in smaller, consumable-bits. For example, if one of your goals is to be healthier or improve your fitness in some way, that larger goal can be broken down to smaller steps, like working out two or three times a week, or removing pop from your diet. By creating smaller sub-goals, the more likely you are to keep your resolution past February and through the whole year!

This same idea can apply to estate planning. Estate planning can seem overwhelming, time consumming, and complex. Working with estate planning professionals can help you break down the steps one-by-one, taking as much time as you need. By setting appointments and making a scheduled timeline with your professional, you have more time to work through your plan and you are more likely to follow through. Estate planning can be a great new years resolution to benefit you and your family, and you will have the benefit of professionals to help keep you on track to meet all of your needs and goals.

An attorney can turn the process into managable pieces, explain each step and go over all your questions. Instead of looking at estate planning as one whole planning project, it can be broken down into sections like financial questions and health care questions. You may be asked to consider the following:

Professionals help you stay organized and keep you moving through the process until you have completed a personalized estate plan that covers all of your wishes. To start with an easy first step and learn more about how our office can assist you in achieving your estate planning resolutions, contact us at (248) 409-0256 for a complimentary consultation.


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