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Estate Planning

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Estate Planning

Our practice focuses on estate planning. We believe estate planning is a process, not just a set of documents.  Whether you are a young family without an estate plan, have an existing plan that has not been reviewed in a while, concerned about protecting your pets, or have other estate planning needs, we can help.

We emphasize the need for expanded client counseling and education on how your estate plan works and what actions you need to take during your lifetime to assure that your estate plan performs in the manner you expect. To start the process, we begin with initial client education through our complimentary workshop called The Truth About Estate Planning™

The next step is to gather your personal information and then we sit down to review your goals and reasons for planning.  Armed with this information we begin to work together – our office provides thorough counseling and presents options for you to create your own personal estate plan.

Once the plan has been signed, we assist in funding and implementing that plan with you. Without this critical step, your plan will not work as intended. Complete trust funding ensures that your assets are properly planned in the event of disability or death.

In addition, we have developed a maintenance and education program, LifeFocus Planning™ that keeps your plan up to date and accurate throughout life’s changes. We provide education and training to you and your family to ensure that the loved ones you designate know what to do should they need to assist.

The program also includes:

  1. Reviewing and updating your plan due to life and law changes, so it stays up-to-date, and your estate plan works!
  2. Reviewing your assets and beneficiary designations on an annual basis to ensure your plan will always work as intended.
  3. Word-processing changes made, as needed, to your existing documents.
  4. Ongoing enrollment in DocuBank, to ensure your emergency medical information will always be available when needed, 24/7.
  5. Ongoing enrollment in DCS, to ensure your digital assets are properly managed at death and provides a secure portal for our sharing of documents
  6. Invitations to client education workshops and client appreciation events. Potential topics include: “What to Do” Workshop for Your Helpers, Estate Planning Nuts & Bolts, Retirement Planning, Wealth Reception Planning, and more.
  7. And much more—all without hourly billing!

Our trust settlement services help to ease administration at death for your loves ones. We counsel, settle, and administer the plan with the family according to your wishes.