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Designing a Plan that Works for You

Estate Planning requires you to make decisions about your life and your future wishes. But through those choices you are able to design a plan that will work for your unique circumstances. You are able to choose people you trust to make your financial and legal decisions if you were unable to make them yourself. You are also able to select someone to be in charge of carrying out your health care wishes and final arrangements. Additionally, you can make decisions about who your belongings go to, such as family heirlooms, special jewelry, valuables or a particular collection. As well as deciding who ultimately inherits. Estate planning professionals are able to go over all of these choices, and more, with you to help you design a plan that fits your needs and make sure it stays up to date to continue to work for you. To get started on reviewing your options with a complimentary initial consultation, please contact our office at (248) 409-0265.