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What others are saying about us:</p> <p>Our main concern when we contacted Matt about estate planning was to provide security for our infant son. Matt helped us to define our needs and create a living trust that answered those needs. He shared his expert knowledge with us in easy-to-understand terms, and advised us on a variety of issues above and beyond the basic legal ones. We appreciate his warm and family-friendly way of doing business, and are thankful for the peace of mind that preparing the trust has given us. -SF</p> <p>Matt is a skillful lawyer who was able to devise a clever solution to solve our end of life decisions and care when we can no longer make them. He, also, developed a plan for our beloved pets. He is smart (don't let his youth fool you) and he is easy to work with and clearly explains every document he prepares. -BH</p> <p>Matt walked me through the whole process of preparing my Will step-by-step in a way that I could easily understand the content and make informed decisions. He was very responsive to my questions, concerns, and took care of preparing and filing all of the necessary paperwork in an efficient manner. -SE</p> <p>The services that Matt has provided and has far exceeded my expectations in value. I know, I can rely on him to give me a clear honest perspective and options that are value driven. -JH</p> <p>Matt is incredibly talented and responsive, we recommend him to all of our clients. -SV</p> <p>Matthew Ferri is direct and forthcoming and took the time I needed to feel comfortable with the contracts I was signing by explaining them in detail and going over every concern I had. He was always available when I needed him and made time for my questions. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking for legal help. - ML