Probate Administration   


For the Personal Representative, Executor or Executrix of an Estate, I can prepare and answer estate administration questions and assist you with complete estate administration services. 

Documents Prepared for Informal Estate Administration

  1. Notice of Intent to Request Informal Appointment of Personal Representative

  2. Application for Informal Probate and/or Appointment of Personal Representative (Testate/Intestate)

  3. Proof of Service

  4. Testimony to Identify Heirs and Devisee Heirs

  5. Supplemental Testimony to Identify Nonheir Devisees, Testate Estate

  6. Renunciation of Right to Appointment, Nomination of Personal Representative and Waiver of Notice

  7. Notice to Friend of Court

  8. Register's Statement

  9. Bond of Fiduciary

  10. Acceptance of Appointment

  11. Letters of Authority for Personal Representative

  12. Notice of Appointment and Duties of Personal Representative

  13. Inventory for Decedent's Estate

  14. Notice to Spouse of Rights of Election and Allowances, Proof of Service, and Election

  15. Sworn Statement to Close

  16. Certificate of completion

  17. Annual and Final Accounts

If you'd like more information about probate administration, please call me at (586) 254-9200 or (248) 409-0256.

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