Patient Advocate / Healthcare Power of Attorney


A patient advocate is an individual designated to exercise powers concerning another person’s care, custody, and medical or mental health treatment, or authorized to make an anatomical gift on behalf of that person.

The Estates and Protected Individuals Code (EPIC) expressly allows an individual to appoint a patient advocate to make medical and mental health treatment decisions and anatomical gifts if the individual is at least 18 years old and of sound mind when the designation is made. MCL 700.5506–5515. The patient advocate steps in when the patient is “unable to participate in medical or mental health treatment decisions, as applicable.” Additionally, in the case of anatomical gifts, the patient advocate designation may provide that authority to make such gifts remains exercisable after the patient’s death. MCL 700.5506(3). A designation of patient advocate is often called a “durable power of attorney for health care.”

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